Doon World School is from Play Group to Class IX and follows the curriculum laid down by the Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE) , New Delhi.

The academic year is from April to March, and is divided into two terms. The first term commences from April and ends in September. The second term commences from October and ends in March.

There are 4 broad areas which encompass the million things which constitute a child's education-

  • Scholarly teaching and academic development.
  • Physical Training and excellence in Sports.
  • Extracurricular Activities and Creative Expression
  • Moral Studies to aid in Personality and Character Development.

To encompass these 4 broad areas of a child's learning, Doon World School follows a system of integrated education which includes:

  • Inquiry based learning to satisfy the child's curiosity.
  • An exploratory approach to build problem solving and thinking skills.
  • Focus on English and Mathematics to lay a rock-solid foundation for a child's learning and articulation skills, develop confidence, and give the students of Doon World School an edge over other schools – make them good readers, expressive writers, keen listeners and articulate speakers.
  • Sports and athletics to develop physical strengths and encourage team work. 5. Interactive activities, exposure to activities like public speaking and stage performance to build confidence and enhance the personality of the student. 6. Creative development to bring out what each child has to offer – explore hidden talents, nurture creative expression and instill a sense of observation, imagination and self confidence.