From the Principal’s Desk

With a vision to provide quality education to students to enable them to excel in every sphere, Doon World School has endeavoured to make its presence felt in the academic world right from its inception. Mental , physical , moral and spiritual development of the children have been our watchwords right from the word go . We have worked hard to realize this vision and impart not just learning, but value based integrated learning , since values cannot be taught , they are subconsciously caught. The school has world class infrastructure, unmatched expertise and a totally dedicated management, an unbeatable combination.

In their early years , we will take your toddlers in our charge , and give them an environment where they will blossom under the loving care of our dedicated staff . The care of the young sapling determines what form the tree ultimately takes , and this shall be our guiding principle , with all its ramifications, in nurturing and caring for your little ones who will begin their lifelong and exciting journey of education with us.

Since discipline is the bedrock on which every aspect of an institution is built, I hope to motivate my team to work with me towards building self disciplined and morally strong youth. We intend to turn out brilliant scholars with character and a wholesome personality: every student will be equipped with all the skills required to succeed in today’s fast changing and ruthlessly competitive world.

I also strongly believe that we need to sensitize the student community today towards environmental issues. Since English is the undisputed lingua franca of the Global Village, my efforts will target the compulsory use of this language on the campus, even in casual conversations. Excellence in all fields is my goal.

So reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul ! Unfetter your dreams , for dreams precede all goals.

Mr. Rajiv Nagalia